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Homescapes Hack Cheats 2019 - Get instant access to Stars and Coins for FREE

The new Homescapes game has been skyrocketing in popularity, and it has inspired other developers all around the world make games similar to its tune. This new mobile game everyone has been raving about offers a lot fun features, but it can be improved even further with programs like the Homescape Hack (We have left a link down above if you're interested).

Homescapes hacks proof

Homescapes has numerous interactive gameplay elements that make it incredibly addicting. And unlike most mobile games, it comes with an amazing storyline, which is a big part of why so many people become huge fans of this game. The developers of Homescapes use currencies, much like their previous titles, giving players a helping hand if ever they find themselves stuck.

Homescapes is a game for all ages, from young to old, absolutely anyone can pick up this game and enjoy themselves. Playrix, the maker of this game, has always been known for releasing big mobile hits that consistently offers amazing gameplay. This time, Playrix decided to develop a game that focuses on puzzle solving juggled with a variety of other gameplay aspects to keep the players entertained. You can start off the game by learning the basics to make your experience smoother.

Homescapes Review

If you want to find out more about Homescapes, we have provided a brief review that gives you the main plot of the game's story, a basic tutorial covering all the information a new player needs, and a few important tips to get you going. Homescapes is centered around helping Austin, a butler, renovate and bring life back to his family's mansion that's currently in a state of disrepair. Your goal is to essentially give the mansion a whole makeover! You can design and decorate different parts of the home, such as the kitchen, the bedrooms, the halls, and a whole slew of unique areas and rooms. The game offers their players absolute freedom what with the countless ways you can customize and create, making this a great game for players to flex their creativity muscle!

What's even better is that Homescapes is absolutely free. You don't have to spend anything to enjoy this great game! There are, however, options to purchase special items that improve your gameplay or help customize your home even further, but these cost real cash. Lucky for you, we have found a way to bypass that. Our special Homescapes Cheats allows you access to these premium items and features without you having to pay for even a single dime!

Homescapes resources come in Coins and Stars

Coins are the general form of currencies available to all Homescape users. This is the main way you can buy in-game items. There is also an available form of currency that's only accessible if you but it with real-life bucks called stars. If you want help in getting more of these currencies for free, we suggest you try the Homescapes hack apk.

Getting more coins in the game is no easy feat, most ways of getting some takes time. With our hack, you can bypass the more 'grindy' portions of the game, so you move on and enjoy the portions of Homescapes that you like. You can easily raise your level, buy whatever you want, and get all the resources you need in order to have fun without all the hassle! You can buy the most expensive pieces of decor to make your home even beautiful without the unnecessary grind.

Power-Ups and Boosters

Homescapes offers you boosters and power-ups (both are very different from each other by the way) to make your gameplay experience more fun and easy. You can obtain power-ups by matching 3 similar tiles or more. Boosters, on the other hand, are just like power ups, except they can be saved and used whenever you need them. You can easily breeze through many levels with these boosters and power-ups alone without the of any of our Homescapes Hacks to help you. Here is a brief overview of how these power-ups help you:

  • Rocket- You get these whenever you match 4 of the same tile in a horizontal or vertical fashion, and it destroys the entire line where you matched the tiles.
  • Bomb- Match similar tiles in an L pattern to activate this power up, and it creates an explosion that takes out tiles in a 2X2 radius.
  • Paper plane- This is a player favorite. You get these by creating a square using 4 of the same tile, and a plane is summoned to destroy whichever tile you want, and destroys 4 tiles in a kind of cross shape.
  • Rainbow ball- One of the hardest to get. You just have to match 5 of the same in any row, and this will cause all tile of that type to be destroyed, making this one a real game changer.

Tips and tricks for beginners

If you want to go through the game easily, we have compiled some tricks and tips to help you. New players often make the mistake of skipping the in-game tutorial, but we wholeheartedly recommend that you go through it first before you start playing. Read a few of our tips below:

1. Try to master the different gameplay elements. It will make things a lot easier for you if you know what you're doing.

2. Don' rely too much on the currencies you can buy with cash. Try to go through the game on your own and practice a bit if you find yourself stuck in a level.

3. Save your power-ups for the harder levels.

4. Don't just randomly choose whichever tile that matches. Plan out your moves accordingly. If you want to progress through the levels faster, you can test out our Homescapes Hack Tool which helps you with the more annoying levels that you just want to pass.

5. Currencies are an important gameplay aspect. A lot of features and benefits can be obtained with these, which is why you should try to collect more of them.

Just remember our guide, and you'll have no trouble in becoming in expert Homescapes player!


We hope we've helped you learn more about Homescapes so your experience will be easier. Whenever you find yourself wanting to buy resources using real money, we suggest you don't and save that cash for another day. You can simply make use of our very efficient and useful Homescapes Online Hack, and you'll get whatever you want with no charge!